Mudroom & Kitchen Entrance Way Decluttering Project

The Problem

The mudroom and kitchen had become a dumping ground for items big and small as this family of four would come and go each day. The challenge was to find the right space to house items that is functional, but also keeping items out of site so guests can feel the positive energy this family has in their lovely home by the water.

The Solution

Every item in the mudroom, on the counters, in the coat closet, and pantry were reviewed. If they did not belong in their current location, then the right space was found elsewhere in the home. Belongings that had been outgrown by the children were donated, paperwork was reviewed and either tossed/shred, filed, or put into a new “action folder” to streamline daily “to do’s”. A family mail station was also created in an adjoining room. The result of our decluttering project was that calmness and order were brought into the home by creating an entrance way that flows into the home which is inviting for all guests.






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