Clutter-free Tip of the Week: June 26, 2014

A room-by-room guide to keeping your home gloriously orderly and organized.

It seems inevitable – life gets cluttered. As you move through your daily routine, your home accumulates more stuff. Whether it’s bills, clothing, decor, equipment or even food, it all makes its way into your home, but rarely seems to leave. Protect yourself from an overwhelming pile-up by properly organizing your home. Setting up proper storage and organization systems will help you keep on top of your cleaning and help spotlight when you’ve just got too much stuff! Get started today with these tips for organizing every room of your house.

Define your dining room

Let’s face it: The dining room isn’t always being used to entertain. When it’s not in use for guests, how do you use this space? Decide what your dining room is used for – eating, entertaining, maybe even working. Once you know what you use the space for, you can better lay out the furniture you’ll need and find proper storage. Get more dining room organizing ideas.


Bedroom storage
Beds are obviously the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. They tend to take up the most amount of space, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for extra storage. Utilize unused space below, behind and beside the bed to keep the room tidy and organized. Easily store out-of-season clothing in storage bins under the bed or keep extra blankets in a chest at the foot of the bed.


Designate your living space

Divide your living space by designating areas for certain activities. It will allow for better organization of furniture and necessities. Whether it’s a games area with a table and proper storage for board games and toys or a TV area with seating and media storage for music and movies, your space will feel less cluttered.









Bathroom baskets

Generally, bathrooms are small spaces that have to store a lot of stuff, from cleaning products and toiletries to towels and toilet paper … and that’s just the bare minimum! Take stock of the space you have and areas you aren’t using. If you have small nooks by the tub or toilet, try using baskets for toilet paper or towels instead of storing everything under the sink.


Sorting out the laundry room
When the laundry starts to pile up, the most arduous task is sorting out the lights, darks, delicates and dry clean-only items. To make life easier, set up a sorting station with containers or hampers for each type of wash.
Laundry room

Kid-friendly clean ups
If children are expected to learn how to clean up after themselves, it helps to give them easy ways to do it. Use low shelving and labelled storage bins for all their toys and crafts.


Fabulously organized home office
Some days we just don’t feel like working or cleaning – we’ve all been there. Try motivating yourself by using beautiful storage and desk accessories. Whether it’s bright colours, pretty patterns or elegant designs, sometimes having gorgeous office storage is enough encouragement to keep the space clean and organized at all times!


Clear out the garage
Garages often become repositories for all your odds and ends. Everything from tools and camping equipment, to sporting goods and house supplies needs a home in your home. As you pack and stack everything in the garage, use various sized, clear storage bins for efficient organization. As a bonus, you can actually see the contents of each bin so you can actually find what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it!



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