Clutter-free Tip of the Week: June 23, 2014


We all have “to do” lists. But, how many you have and where you keep them will really impact how successful they are. Try to create one central “to do” list that can travel with you in the car and remain in one location in your house. Some of us have graduated from paper to using an App on our phones for our lists, I find OneNote works great because it’s always with me during my travels and I create tabs for grocery, Target and so on. But, I think most people still use paper lists which work well too. Cross off items as they are completed so you feel accomplishment, and include items on your list that are realistic for your lifestyle. Nothing is more frustrating that having something on your list that you realistically don’t have time to do, so be true to yourself. Re-write your list often so it’s clear and concise.  Share this tip with your friends, thank you!

Posted by , Founder of Affordable Organization

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