Clutter-Free Tip of the Week: July 7, 2014

Take advantage of the summer sun and clean out your garage. Follow these quick and easy steps or call Affordable Organization we we’ll have it completed in a snap.


Step 1 – Empty the garage, sorting and purging as you go.

  • Pick a day with no rain in the forecast for the entire day (or weekend).
  • Identify one side of the driveway or lawn for items which are not returning to the garage such as Trash, Recycle, Donate, belongs to an aunt, etc.
  • The other side of the driveway will be for sorting items you will keep in the garage. Make cardboard signs for different categories such as Car, Garden, Lawn, Sports, Toys, Grill, Outdoor, Workbench, etc.
  • Create an area for items you want to keep long term, but don’t need now.

Step 2 – Install any new garage storage systems.

  • Sweep, wash out those grease stains with a strong detergent, and if you are going to paint, it’s now or never.
  • Measure your space, and measure what you want to store there. Go shopping for the right storage solutions. Take all your measurements with you! Utilize the walls as much as possible.

Step 3 – Put everything back.

  • Think about the categories (Car, Garden, Lawn, etc.) of the items you are keeping and the best place for them.
  • Remember to put all toxic chemicals up high for pet and child safety.
  • Use clear bins for small items and label any containers which are not see-through.

Step 4 – Take unwanted items to their new destinations.

ASAP … Remove from the premises the items in the piles for Trash, Donate, Recycle, Return and Store Off-Site

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