Clutter-Free Tip of the Week: July 25, 2014

What happens when we don’t return things to where they belong at home?

You know what happens!

One thing leads to another until we have a pile of stuff to put away. And when we routinely don’t pick up after ourselves, we create what’s called a norm which, in essence, gives social permission for everyone else in our home to do the same.

Are you in the habit of “returning” things to the nearest empty space?

Next time you start to put something down, ask yourself: Is this where it belongs? If not, stop what you’re doing and go put it away. It’s easy to do and will only take a few moments.

Then watch what happens over time. This one simple change of behavior will go a long way toward decluttering your home, plus save you time, effort, and stress.

Repeat after me: Don’t just put it down, put it away.

Posted by , Founder of Affordable Organization

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