Clutter Free Tip of the Week

Have you started back-to-school shopping for school supplies yet?

If not, first take inventory of the ones that made it home last June. If you are lucky, some can probably be reused again. SCORE!

Next, grab your list and start shopping at Staples first since they have great 10 cent and 50 cent deals that change each week. My next stopping point is typically Walmart​, Big Lots​, or Ocean State Job Lot​ since these stores tend to have wonderful prices.

My last stop is typically at Target​ for those special calculators or certain branded pencils that some teachers require. If you are into cost savings, give my ideas a try if you have the time for multiple stops. If time is limited and money isn’t an object, Staples has it all and is usually clean and tidy.

Happy Shopping!

Posted by , Founder of Affordable Organization

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