Hope Turenne

Founder, Affordable Organization LLC

Organization adds a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Helping others organize their living and working environments started as my hobby and has grown into a successful business. Organization has always come naturally to me and as my business has prospered I have refined the process of organizing into a one-on-one customized teachable skill set that can establish life-changing habits. Seeing the results of an organized space puts a smile on my face as my clients get their rooms/lives back under control. For many, the state of their environment is a mirror of the busy lives they lead with competing demands of work and family and the societal pressures to “do it all” perfectly. Affordable Organization LLC exists to help busy clients with all levels of organizational challenges overcome hurdles and turn their homes or offices into peaceful functioning spaces.

My educational background is in marketing, but I have had gratifying business growth via clients I have worked with who tell friends about the positive changes that working with me — and using my techniques — have made in their daily lives. My upbeat work ethic and organization skills help others bring beauty, function and organization into their spaces within a reasonable budget.

I am proud to be helping others as we work together to reclaim their homes and offices as functional spaces. If this sounds like a process that would fit your situation, then contact me to help you get organized.


P.S. I encourage you to check out my Houzz page and postings on Angie’s list for personal references and client experiences with my service.


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