7 Easy Tips for Back to School Organization

It’s almost that time to swap the beach bags for backpacks. Below are some back-to school tips that will give you an A+ when trying to keep things organized for the school year.

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Invest in organizational supplies such as cubbies, baskets, and containers. Parents know that going back to school means lots of paperwork for the parent and the children! While all of the papers are important, where can you store them for easy access is just as important? Make use of an unused drawer and color-code each file by subject to ensure easy searching. This gives your children a system to use to help organize assignments for reference in the future.

Set up a designated space in a closet or cabinet to keep a school supply stash. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. You know all those late nights and all of a sudden you’re out of poster board for your child’s project that’s due first thing in the morning? Yes… this will prevent that last minute trips to the store from happening. Stock up on markers, paper, index cards and so on. Also, you’ll save cash by buying products in bulk.

Splurge on big labels. They’ll help you and your children remember what is inside every storage bin or folder without having to open each. The children will make less of a mess as they look for supplies for their assignments. And you’ll love it too because less mess equals less time cleaning, which is a win for you!

Create a DIY mini mudroom by the door. It will keep everything you need in one place and will avoid running around the house like a crazy person before it’s time to head out the door. (We’re all guilty of it, it’s okay.) All you need are a few backpack hooks, some shoe storage, and ample seating.

Keep the car clean. Acting as your family’s own personal taxi means your car is a magnet for some serious messes. Make it a habit to pick up trash often by getting a small trash bin that attaches to the back of the front seat. Now you won’t have to worry about those empty water bottles rolling around the car!

Designate a cabinet in the kitchen for lunch packing supplies. Store lunch boxes, thermoses, reusable plastic containers, plastic baggies, and snacks together for easy access. Use a label system to ensure everything ends up exactly where it came from. Labeling is your best friend!

It’s never too early to teach time management skills! Buy a planner to give your children a peek at their workload for the week so they have time to prepare. Before beginning homework, ask that your children check their planner and begin their homework accordingly. As each assignment gets completed, encourage them to put it directly back in their backpack to ensure that nothing gets left at home.

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