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Living organized becomes a lifestyle that eventually organizes your own life, gives you control and peace over the inside of your home! And it starts with a slow helpful approach by Hope!!!

– Ernie E., Cranston, RI

I am so happy with my clean, organized basement! Hope worked non-stop for 5 hours! I was very impressed with her knowledge and efficiency! I would highly recommend Affordable Organization!

– E. Wayland, East Providence, RI

Hope is amazing. Easy going, non judgmental and extremely effective and efficient. She helped organize our home better so we can keep up with it with 2 little ones in tow.

– R. Breitman, Mansfield, MA

Very easy to work with, professional and extremely organized. Very helpful, gives good feelings.

– B. Hoskins, Riverside, RI

Finding Hope was like finding a smiling angel from above. She is kind, quick, thorough, efficient and hard working. I have hired her 3 times so far and will need her again soon. Worth every dollar I spent.

– C. Ward, Middletown, RI

Don’t put it off, Hope will change your life. I called her three years ago; and it wasn’t always easy, but it was always fun. Like going through all your crap with a long lost (but newly found) friend. A friend who didn’t judge you for having a slight obsession with Disney VHS tapes and stationery supplies! And after every session, when Hope packed up our many donations and drove them away, I would breathe a sigh of relief as my home slowly turned from complete chaos to easily manageable systems. The only things you have to gain are your space, your time, and your sanity. And you have nothing to lose except stuff you don’t need!! So make that call already.

– Holly E., Cranston, RI

Hope worked with us on several rooms to help us get organized and de-clutter. There is nothing magical about the work she does, but the result is amazing. She only asks you to think about if you “really need it” The answer is up to you.
If you realize you don’t need it, she’ll find a home for it.
Working on this with Hope was the start of creating a new habit, which is a habit we all threaten to do…whether it is de-cluttering, saving money, going to the gym…all those things we always threaten to do, having Hope come to your house means commitment to the change, and the chance is sustainable because she organizes WITH you, not FOR YOU.

– Bryan R., Attleboro, MA

There are not enough stars to properly communicate how pleased we were with Hope and Affordable Organization! We did my entire kitchen without ever ONCE meeting in person after the initial consultation. We communicated through email and phone calls throughout the process. I was left with not only a CLEAN and ORGANIZED kitchen – but more importantly a PLAN to keep it that way. She brings so much more to the table so to speak than you would ever expect. I cant recommend her highly enough!

– Nicole C., Rumford, RI

Hope was amazing!! She was everything I wanted and more. I highly recommend hiring Hope! She transformed my whole house.

– Gina C., Brockton, MA

Hope and her associate are consummate professionals at what the company does. Not only do they know what they are doing, they do it with enthusiasm, and with alacrity. Oh, this last word — speedy, and never reckless! They leave all the decision to the one who hired them, and do not subvert that basic idea — this is your stuff, and although I am here to help you, it’s your decision as to what to do with it every item to be moved — keep, recycle, donate, sell or as I have said many times — “get rid of it”! I have learned to decide as to what I need and what I want…at Hope’s consultation. If ever I had to de-clutter ever again, I would employ here services in a minute. Hope — Avanti e sopra — Up and and at ’em!

– Tony A., Portsmouth, RI

I’ve worked with Affordable Organization for about 10, 3-hour sessions over the last year. We’ve gone through my clothes, uncluttered a LOT of paper from my home office, organized my kitchen, and uncluttered both attic and basement. Affordable Organization goes above and beyond by bringing items to be donated to Savers after each session and also by making recommendations for containers and other items to help keep things orderly (sometimes even doing the shopping!). They are upbeat and positive, keeping you focused on the task at hand yet very personable. Texts and emails between sessions are answered promptly.

– Daniel K., Providence, RI

Hope is a GODSEND! I cannot believe how she is organizing my home! She is worth her weight in gold!

– R. Stanley, Cranston, RI

The organizing went very well! Hope was friendly and professional. We achieved my goal of organizing the bedroom in less time than I had anticipated, so we went on to organizing my pantry and clothes cupboards. The three spaces we organized were originally quite unorganized. Now they are arranged to make the best use of space. It feels wonderful to have these areas be so neat, orderly used, and functional. Well done. Hope!

– Anonymous, MA

Hope came into my house and she was AMAZING, quick, efficient, EFFECTIVE. She knows her stuff and works fast. She came ridiculously prepared, I had a lot of work to do so she was able to take care of my entire basement, organize it without any guidance from me until the end for personal items. She checked in when she needed to, but was very respectful of my schedule. She did for me in a couple of days what would have taken me FOREVER to do on my own. For the basement it was $300, and then the rest of the house was $300, kitchen was $300 as well. Honestly I am going to have her pack up my house when I move. She is A-MAZING!

– Minessa K., Franklin, MA

I loved working with Hope! All of her ideas were incredibly helpful. As someone who has absolutely no time, I was grateful to have such a tremendous professional taking charge of organizing my house and serving as such a helpful thought partner. I trusted Hope every step of the way and she delivered above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend Hope without any reservation and absolutely plan to work with her further in the future.

– Julia RB., RI

Is this something I could have done on my own? Probably. But the time and money I spent to have Hope step in and take over was so well invested. It wasn’t that I couldn’t make the time, it was that I couldn’t even make the mindset necessary to get the job done.

– Amy B., MA

Hope has worked with me several times to declutter and organize most of my bedrooms & closets, mudroom, garage, and basement. She worked side by side with me to get so much done each session! She also brought bags and bags of donation material to Goodwill/Savers.

Hope was an amazing help to keep me motivated, inspired and able to see the finish line. She helped me see the benefits of purging before organizing…this has been so liberating and has helped clear my brain for more important things! I have 3 kids and Hope worked with each of them so they had ownership of their space and things. I have recommended Hope and Affordable Organization to all of my friends!

– Lori D., Attleboro, MA

Just had my first session with Hope today. I was amazed by how much we got accomplished in 4 hours!! Hope is very professional and provides outstanding support and guidance to make your home clutter free!

– Angela M., East Freetown, MA

Hope organized 8 years worth of toys and books and mess for our playroom and overgarage loft. It was a task I always felt too overwhlemed to tackle. She did an amazing job, was super professional and it was nothing short of a miracle!! It took about 10 hours to get all the work done and Hope was totally accurate about how long she thought it would take. I can’t tell you how great it feels to not have to look at that mess!

– Cristy K., Seekonk, MA

The best decision I ever made was hiring Hope to come in and organize our household! Before doing that, I had spent many weeks with much anxiety on how I could get everything done. Once the decision was made to hire Affordable Organization to do the job, my anxiety was a thing of the past! I’d like Hope to come live with us, but unfortunately that won’t happen 🙁 She really goes above and beyond what is expected of her, and with my limited mobility this was so greatly appreciated. Plus she was excellent company! If you are thinking about hiring a professional organizer, stop thinking and just do it! Seriously…she’s awesome!

– R. Chee, North Attleboro, MA

This company is AMAZING and local to RI and MA! Hope did an amazing job helping my 14 year old get organized and is now helping me plan my mudroom and pantry closet in my new home! She thinks of EVERYTHING and is fun and easy to work with. If you or a loved one needs help getting organized this Spring, I highly recommend Affordable Organization. It’s one of those moments in your life when you think…why didn’t I do this a LONG time ago!

– A. Roslonek, Seekonk, MA

Because I live in Virginia and my daughter lives in Massachusetts, I was unable to help her unpack and organize her recently purchased home. Since I wanted to enjoy my vacation in New England, I hired Affordable Organization to do “the Mom thing,” as a housewarming (save our relationship) gift. What a pleasure it was to visit a truly organized home!

Hope worked well with my daughter and was able to accommodate my daughter’s busy work schedule. All of the closets were organized as were the cabinets in the kitchen; labels were affixed to the contents of shelves and containers. Hope even shopped for appropriate organizers that best suited each room, and returned those which didn’t fit.

My four year old granddaughter’s bedroom, including her closet and dresser, and her separate playroom are so well-organized that it’s a snap for her to not only find things, but most importantly to put them away. This makes it easy for my granddaughter to fill out her responsibility chart, another wonderful suggestion from Hope!

So, thank you for sharing your organizational expertise in a non-judgmental manner with my daughter. Your skills have truly created a more peaceful and less hectic home environment.

And for all of you who think you may need help in creating calm from chaos, there’s always Hope (Turenne) – sorry, could not resist the pun!

– J. Ryan, Virginia

Organization is not my strength, and as a single mom running a start-up business it is a key component of running my family and my business. I bought a house, packed and moved all within three weeks! Hope is my secret super power. She was ready to work, helped me pack and purge my old house. She is also helping me unpack and set up organizational systems that will work for me, my children and my business. In less than two weeks, my house will be a functional refuge. I know that I’ll never lose another piece of paper again. Hope totally rocks!.

– Lisa D., East Greenwich, RI

“Exactly what I wanted/needed. Hope was AWESOME to work with, I’m not always easy… to work with! The work we did & systems she set up for me are still working 2 months later. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Hope!.

– Louann D., Barrington, RI

Affordable Organization helped to organize a basement for my young family of four. My space had gotten out of control due to illness and my resulting inability to put items away appropriately after use.

Hope came to the rescue and restored order and function.

– Amy D., Seekonk, MA

I am an avid cook and Affordable Organization transformed my kitchen – now everything is at my fingertips and completely functional.

Everyone needs a little organization and Affordable Organization is just what you need.

– Paula C., Coventry, RI

An organized home leads to a more organized life, I am truly grateful for Affordable Organization! Hope and I worked together to transform several of my over stuffed closets, into closets that I’m now proud for others to see. The process was stress-free because she provided simple solutions that were affordable and quick. My closets were full of items that needed a better place or hadn’t been used in years, we purged and reorganized, and now I can find what I need quickly without getting frustrated.

– Carrie L., Seekonk, MA

Teens are not known to be the most orderly people and my daughter is no exception. Luckily, Hope was up for the challenge! Clothes, blankets, books, and collectibles are now all neat and orderly. The cost was minimal and I love that Hope let my daughter have a voice during the organization process.

– Cindy D., Cumberland, RI

Hope helped my family do the impossible…clean out our 84 year old Aunt’s home of the past 20 years because she was going to  reside in a nursing home. Hope carefully sifted through the kitchen, numerous closets, countless boxes, and in the end just ten organized bins of clothing, photos and memorabilia were moved into the nursing home. She helped us dispose of medicines, couches, TVs, and furniture galore all within a matter of days. We could not have completed this project so quickly and painlessly without Affordable Organization. Thank you!

– Michelle G., Milford, MA

My family and I had the pleasure of working with Hope Turenne of Affordable Organization on a month long project to clean out and organize our small home. Hope was very patient, well organized and hard working for the duration of the project. She had a plan for each day we worked together and kept me updated throughout the month. Hope has given my family our home back. We can meet our daily needs more easily because all of our belongings have a place and are efficiently organized. My children have less anxiety because they know where everything belongs and they are working on keeping it that way. Thank you very much Affordable Organization for putting the heart of my home back together so my family can be happy, healthy and stress free.

– Tami K., Seekonk, MA

Amazing – Hope is very easy to work with and patient! She has great ideas and is very professional!

– S. Hastings, Rehoboth, MA

My fiancé and I are active, outdoorsy, and always on the go. This lifestyle means we have tons of clothing and recreational gear, and little time to keep all our clothing organized! Hope helped us organize our bedroom and turned a “seemingly” huge and overwhelming task into a manageable and fun process. In addition to helping us reclaim our bedroom, Hope gave us several easy tips to keep us on track long-term. Hope is efficient and a joy to work with and her process is completely stress-free. Her practical approach is inspiring – I’m already thinking about which room to hire her to help with next!

– Erika M., Jamestown, RI


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