Our Mission

We strive to work affordably with you to reduce clutter, increase efficiency, add functionality and restore order so you can reclaim your space.


The organizing process starts with a 10-minute phone conversation to
discuss your needs and help to define your organizational goals. Once we are comfortable with each other we will schedule a complimentary consultation. During the consultation we will evaluate the project scope, and I will provide an estimate on how long the project should take. Each project and client is unique and requires specific consideration, therefore the consultation estimate serves as a best guesstimate.

Work sessions are $80 per hour, typically booked in 3-hour segments (see packages below). During the work sessions, you will receive a folder of organizing resources, customized labeling, help with finding charities to donate to, or we will bring items curb-side for pickup (within reasonable size). I can also bring items to the local SAVERS (Big Brothers Big Sisters) donation locations for quick removal.

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 Getting Started

Step 1: Communication (Free)

Call me at 508-505-7978 so we can discuss your needs. After this free 10 minute phone call, I will offer to schedule a consultation.

Step 2: Consultation

The consultation includes a description of the step by step organizational process tailored to your needs and necessary to restore or establish order in your space. We will meet at your home or office to view the space to be reclaimed. We will recommend the package of work sessions that I feel is right for your project. The consultation will last approximately one hour.

Step 3: Package Selection (See rates)

You choose the number of work sessions that fit your budget and we will schedule the first work session at a mutually convenient time. You might receive a “homework” assignment to complete before the first work session to enable us to progress more quickly and productively. As part of committing to work sessions, you will be expected to sign a contract in which you commit to the terms of the services you are purchasing.

Step 4: Work Sessions

Your participation in the work sessions is encouraged but not required. Working with me will help you better understand both the art and science of organization. In addition to organizing your space, we will, supply ideas on where donations can be dropped or will help bring them curbside for trash pickup. Note that depending on the scope of the project, a dumpster may be required and/or large items may need to be hauled away to recycling or donation locations. I will recommend vendors for contracted services and any storage supplies you may need to acquire. Hiring these other vendors is additional to our agreement and will be at your own expense. You might have some “homework” in between work sessions to make our time together more productive.

Step 5: Project Review and Conclusion

Upon completion of the contracted work sessions we will review the status of your project. We want to make sure your project goals have been met and that organization has been established or restored. Projects have some elasticity and we will assess together whether or not the project is really “done” or if some additional organizing time might be useful.

Step 6: Touch-up or Additional Help (Optional)

Affordable Organization LLC offers a “touch-up” service to previous clients, providing maintenance to a previously organized space. The touch-up service can be provided as a regularly scheduled service or as a one-time follow-up, available in 2- or 4-hour increments. Call us to discuss your specific needs!


Choose the most economical Work Session package that fits your needs

Also available

Description Single Visit Work Session 3-Visit Work Sessions 6-Visit Work Sessions Touch-ups Larger Projects
Cost $240 $720 $1440 $80/hour Free Estimate
Duration 3 hours
( 1 session )
9 hours
( 3 sessions )
18 hours
( 6 sessions )
As needed As needed
Best For Smaller spaces Medium-sized spaces Larger spaces Former clients who need to get back on track or want to learn additional skills Home downsizing

Senior moves

Office relocation

Blending families

Making building-wide storage changes or room re-assignments

Packages Include Folder of organizing resourcesCustomized labeling

Limited removal of donations


Payment Method:

After the client letter of agreement is signed at the consultation, we will set up a few organizing sessions in our calendars. Payment of $80 per hour is due at the completion of each work session. For larger projects, special payment terms may be necessary and will be noted in the contract. Make checks payable to Affordable Organization LLC, VENMO, PayPal or cash can be accepted.

Travel Fees:

Travel exceeding 30 miles from Affordable Organization headquarters in Seekonk is charged a flat rate of $50.00 per visit.

Project Supplies:

We will make recommendations for supplies as needed during the project. There is never any pressure to purchase additional materials because we always try to work with what you already have. If supplies (bins, containers, racks, etc.) are needed for the project, Affordable Organization LLC can assist in purchasing items or you can purchase on your own. Affordable Organization LLC will only charge for “shopping time” for the items at the per hour rate according to the contract. The client will pay actual amount of items purchased as stated on the receipt. Because Affordable Organization LLC is an organization service and not a cleaning service, we may ask you to clean or freshen up your existing supplies as part of your “homework.”


To book new appointments please contact Affordable Organization LLC via email, text or phone. 508-505-7978 or

If you need to move or cancel an existing appointment please contact Affordable Organization LLC via text, email or phone as soon as possible. Please note that cancellations occurring within 72-hours of an appointment will be billed $200 as a non-notification fee.

Weather-related cancellations will follow the decision of the local school district.

Client Referral Program:

If you are a past client, you can earn a $50 discount on your next service when you refer a friend! You will receive an email notification of your $50 credit when their project has been completed.

Client Confidentiality:

Privacy is important to everyone. Affordable Organization LLC holds clients’ information in complete confidentiality, as stated in the NAPO Code of Ethics. If you’d like more information about NAPO please visit their web site at and


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