Hope Turenne

Founder, Affordable Organization LLC

Organization adds a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Organization doesn’t mean just tucking everything away in labeled bins. You have probably tried that without success if you are still reading this. Affordable Organization LLC offers livable organization solutions based on our clients’ lifestyle, space and belongings and helps them get and stay organized.

My educational background is in marketing with a B.S. from Bentley University, but I have had gratifying business growth via clients I have worked with who tell friends about the positive changes that working with me — and using my techniques — have made in their daily lives. My upbeat work ethic and organization skills help others bring beauty, function and organization into their spaces within a reasonable budget.

Affordable Organization is proud to be offering hands-on services to help clients find the perfect organizational fix in their homes since 2013. We work together to reclaim their homes and offices as functional spaces. If this sounds like a process that would fit your situation, then contact me to help you get organized.


P.S. I encourage you to check out my Facebook page, Houzz page and postings on Angie’s list for personal references and client experiences with my service.


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